Style Spray

Look no further than IQ Style Spray if you are after a superior shine to your hair matched with a strong hold.

Formulated with extracts from the Amaranth flower, wheat protein and aloe vera, IQ Style Spray protect the hair and increases shine throughout. IQ Style Spray is specially formulated to protect cuticles from damage.

This superb styling spray is sulphate and paraben free. It is invisible in the hair, but works effectively to create control with strong hold allowing you to style your hair as you choose. This really is the ultimate hair spray for use on all types of hair.

How To:

Create shine and control that lasts all day. Simply wash and condition hair using your favourite hair care and towel-dry. Then spray onto the hair focusing on the roots, blow-dry and finish with the appropriate products from the IQ styling range.

Please note that IQ Style Spray is very flammable and should be kept away from sources of ignition.

Where Can I Get It?

We put all of our focus into developing haircare and styling ranges that produce the results that hairdressers tell us they need – there’s no costly marketing campaigns just products that perform. They’re retailed exclusively through a network of regional hair and beauty wholesaler distributors.

Ask about the super IQ Style Spray and the rest of the Amaranth-enhanced range on your next trip to your wholesaler or search their online store.