From precision cutting that’s precise, to gorgeous groomed crops, tantalising texture and the ubiquitous red-carpet inspired long wavy locks, beautifully finished hair starts with a great cut, but it is set apart by stunning styling.

As a salon owner, stylist or mobile hairdresser, we’ll bet you’re committed to giving your clients hairstyles that they love and find as easy to recreate at home between visits as when they leave the salon at a price that’s fair.

That’s why we’re dedicated to creating high quality, but intelligently priced haircare and hair styling products that enable hair professionals, like you, to deliver the standards your clients demand at a price that works for you both.

It’s all about easy styling that turns your clients into walking adverts for your salon or mobile services.

As part of the AVEC Corporation, we distribute products to the hair and beauty industry via UK and Irish wholesale businesses, including Aston and Fincher, Capital Hair, Alan Howard and many more.

IQ Haircare is our high quality range of wet-line and styling solutions that have all formulated to offer highly-effective performance at a cost-effective price. All of our products are sulphate and paraben free and have been enhanced with a blend of oils, proteins and extracts from the Amaranth plant and have a delicate but delicious fragrance.

There are no costly marketing campaigns or celebrity endorsements, we focus on creating products that work to satisfy the needs of any salon or freelance hairdresser and the modern – highly demanding – client.

The trade-only range of products is complemented by the Head Gear range of salon essentials, including brushes, combs, rods, rollers, foil, mannequin heads, gloves and much much more; the NXT flagship colour range, with a portfolio of Permanent Hair Colour, ammonia-free Mildly Oxidising Semi-Permanent dyes; and Argan Plus+ a boutique range of hair care products.

If you’re a savvy stylist who wants the shampoo, conditioners and styling products that really work find [your nearest IQ stockist] and discover The IQ Haircare – Things Just Got Smarter.