10-in-1 Spray

For busy clients who don’t have the time or knowhow to cocktail multiple products for their haircare needs, the intelligent solution is IQ 10 in 1.

This potent all-in-one treatment is suitable for all hair types and offers ten proven benefits for hair that is strong, supple and super shiny.

IQ 10 in 1 is formulated with amazing Amaranth, a flower that naturally delivers phenomenal benefits for the locks, and with a sweet cocoa aroma it leaves hair looking and feeling fantastic.

As well as being excellent at detangling the locks, 10 in 1 benefits include hydrating and moisturising the hair, strengthening it from within and protecting it from the polluting effects of everyday life. Stylists will love this as the perfect prep for their blow-dries while clients will want to mimic its multi-tasking powers.

How To:

Moisturise and protect hair with a spritz of 10 in 1. Shampoo and condition using your favourite IQ combination then towel-dry the hair. Spray a small amount of IQ 10 in 1 and comb the hair to distribute the product evenly through the hair then style as required. This versatile spray can also be used on dry hair.

Where Can I Get It?

IQ 10 in 1 is a multi-tasking masterpiece from the IQ professional haircare and styling range, which is only available through more than 100 regional hair and beauty wholesalers across the UK and Ireland.

With proven efficacy to bring out the very best in your clients locks at a realistic price tag that offers attractive retail opportunity ask about IQ on your next wholesale visit or check out their online store.