Tea Tree Shampoo

For zingy clean and lustrous locks with a beautiful natural scent and an invigorating morning wake-up, the intelligent solution is IQ Tea Tree Shampoo.

Formulated to tingle and tease tresses back to life and repair damage, this sulphate free shampoo uses the purifying power of nature to cleanse your clients’ hair and scalps.

This shampoo is packed with naturally antiseptic tea tree essentials oils and refreshing peppermint oil. It is enhanced by the nourishing power of Amaranth, so it strengthens from within for a deep clean that will not strip the hair of any of the natural oils.

IQ Tea Tree Shampoo is available as a 1000ml product that creates a zingy sensation at the backwash. As clients will adore the tingly clean feeling and the gorgeous natural aroma, it’s also available in a retail-friendly 300ml size.

How To:

Leave hair invigorated and full of vitality with IQ Tea Tree Shampoo. Apply evenly to wet hair and massage thoroughly, paying particular attention to the scalp. Complete your client’s haircare regime with IQ Tea Tree Conditioner.

Style as desired using products from the IQ Hairstyling Range.

Where Can I Get It?

We put all of our focus into developing haircare and styling ranges that produce the results that hairdressers tell us they need – there’s no costly marketing campaigns just products that perform. They’re retailed exclusively through a network of regional hair and beauty wholesaler distributors.

IQ Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner are the latest additions to the popular IQ Range, a professional range of haircare and styling products that are only available through a network of hair and beauty wholesalers.

Based on demand from hairdressers, salon owners and their clients, we’ve created an affordable range of the haircare and styling products that give you the results you need. Look out for the gorgeous Amaranth leaf packaging on your next visit or search for IQ in their online store.