Clever Dust

When you want to create beachy texture through the ends, or lift and volume at the roots, with a flat matt finish, the intelligent product choice is IQ Clever Dust.

With its effective powder to liquid consistency, Clever Dust instantly adds texture and body from the roots the moment it is applied without compromising the natural movement of the hair.

Formulated with the oils, extracts and protein of the Amaranth plant, that have been proven to protect, strengthen and nourish human hair and free from sulphates or parabens, Clever Dust is the ideal way to add volume without compromising the health of the hair.

Best used as a root-lifting pick-me-up boost at the crown on short hair, it can also be ruffled into the lengths of longer hair for a dishevelled, undone finish.

How To:

Give long-lasting lift and tantalising texture with this potent powder. For best results cleanse and moisturise hair with your favourite IQ Shampoo and Conditioner, then style as required. Once dry, shake a little Clever Dust into you hand and work through the style. For added volume, lift the hair at the crown and sprinkle dust directly into the roots and finish as required.

Where Can I Get It?

At IQ we put all of our focus into developing haircare and styling ranges that produce the results that hairdressers tell us they need – there’s no costly marketing campaigns just products that perform. They’re retailed exclusively through a network of regional hair and beauty wholesaler distributors and their online shops.